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5 Stars!

I love these books! This is my favorite easy reader brand. Brand New Readers are engaging, fun, and an awesome tool for beginning readers.Brand New Readers - Liza's Homeschool Journey

Story Quality 

There are a variety of characters within the Brand New Reader series and each one has their own personality. Sometimes the ending is predictable, sometimes it’s unpredictable.  Each story in this series of books has a well developed plot that is easy to understand and follow.Brand New Readers - Liza's Homeschool Journey

Picture Quality 

The illustrations in these books truly tell the story, they also add to the character’s personality and the story development. The pictures add humor and emotion to the story that wouldn’t be understood with just the text. Lots of simple drawings and excellent colors are used. Simply put, the story wouldn’t be the same without the pictures.

Brand New Readers - Liza's Homeschool Journey


The vocabulary in these books is extensive. There are a variety of characters in these books and exposure to lots of different vocabulary that is only associated with one character. You can see this just in the different titles;

Edna Dances

Worm Builds

It’s Super Mouse

Piggy’s Bedtime

Otter’s picnic

In and Out

Tabby Cat at Night

The Big Fish

Each story has simple words that a child can sound out, as well as more complex words that are repeated that a child can learn by sight. The vocabulary is easy to decipher from the pictures which makes it helpful when a child is looking for visual cues to help them learn a new word, or remember one they have already learned.

Brand New Readers - Liza's Homeschool Journey


(These books are a great tool for Step 5 of Teaching a child how to read.)

My Experience with Brand New Readers

When I was teaching my oldest child how to read I was at Costco one day and I stumbled across a few box sets of Brand New Reader books. I opened up a box to sample a book and pulled out, “Worm is Hot”.

It reads…

Worm is hot.

Worm gets a fan.

Worm is still hot.

Worm gets another fan. 

Worm is still hot.

Worm gets another fan.

Worm gets ANOTHER fan.

Worm blows away.

I laughed!  I read through a few more books about some of the other characters like Monkey (click here to read about one of Monkey’s adventures) and Tabby Cat, (click here to read about one of Tabby Cat’s adventures) and walked out of Costco that day with 4 box sets. Within each box was…

  •  10 books
  • A foldout poster with stickers so readers can track the books they’ve read
  • A Brand New Readers certificate of achievement
  • A make-your-own Brand New Reader book
  • An easy-to-follow parent/teacher guide full of tips and strategies

Years later these books have been an indispensable learning tool. We still have them, we still use them, and we still love them!

Trent Kids Say…

Lailah says, “These books are funny!”


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