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I like the Biscuit Phonics Fun books.  They are a helpful tool for teaching your child how to read the English vowels correctly.  

Biscuit Phonics Fun - Liza's Homeschool Journey

Story Quality

Because these books are focused on vowel sound repetition the story lines are very simple.  For example in Book 6: Biscuit and the Box, the story is as follows;

Biscuit saw a box.

A Bunny was in the box.

Hop, hop, hop.

Biscuit got in the box.

Hop, hop, hop.  PLOP!

Woof!  A dog can not hop!

Biscuit Phonics Fun - Lizas Homeschool Journey

Picture Quality

The pictures in Biscuit Phonics Fun are colorful and well drawn. They are the best source of engagement in these books for your young reader and portray Biscuit’s personality well. In fact I would say that the pictures tell more about the characters and the story than the words do!

Biscuit Phonics Fun - Lizas Homeschool Journey


Biscuit Phonics Fun books have an good amount of introductory vocabulary for a new reader. Each book has a vocabulary page in the beginning that tells you what vowel sound your child will learn and which words in the book they will encounter that contain this vowel sound. Some words you will see in every book such as, “Biscuit” and “Woof!”. Your child will quickly learn to read these words by sight.Biscuit Phonics Fun - Lizas Homeschool Journey

(These books are great for use in Step 5 of Teaching a Child How to Read)

My Experience with Biscuit Phonics Fun

Before I started homeschooling I had no idea how to teach a child how to read. So when my oldest daughter was 4 I started doing some research. At the time I had a neighbor friend who was a grade school teacher and I asked her for some advice. She recommended the Biscuit Phonics Fun book set.
These books were great for helping my daughter become familiar with the different vowel sounds. They weren’t our favorite easy readers, as far as story line goes, but I do appreciate their methodical approach to learning one vowel sound at a time.

Trent Kids Say…

Eli says, “I like that these books teach you a lot about Biscuit the dog and that they teach you how to read vowels.”


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