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What Liza Says About Brain Quest Workbooks…



5 Stars!

I love Brain Quest workbooks!  This is my favorite brand for multiple subject workbooks by grade.  Brain Quest workbooks offer the right combination of curriculum subjects and a clear guide on what my child should be learning at what age/grade level.

Brain Quest Workbooks Liza's Homeschool Journey

Subject Content

Brain Quest workbooks cover an average of nine educational subjects.  Each section contains timely and appropriate material for each grade level/age range.  For example the 2nd Grade Brain Quest workbook includes an introductory section to cursive writing, the Kindergarten Brain Quest workbook has a section on time and money, and the 6th Grade Brain Quest workbook has a section on Algebraic Thinking.

Each Brain Quest Workbook also comes with two sticker pages and a fold out poster.  In the 3rd Grade Brain Quest workbook the fold out poster is a times table chart.  In the 2nd Grade Brain Quest workbook the fold out poster is a United States of America map which includes all of the state capitals, state flags, and also the date and place number of each state’s entrance into the union.  These posters are useful to the student for lessons within the workbook.

The subjects pages are an average of 10-20 pages each.  This amount of pages is good for making a well-rounded comprehensive workbook, although it does mean that these workbooks alone lack necessary volume for subjects like math where practice makes perfect.  To compensate for this lack of volume I like to supplement with a focus workbook, a separate curriculum, or extra related assignments.  Overall Brain Quest workbooks are an excellent guide for what your child should be learning at what age/grade range.

Subjects in these books are identified by color, as well as name.  This makes it easy for your child to find the section they are looking for.  


There are colorful and creative illustrations on each page.  The pictures always relate to the content on the page.  They help your child to make connections and understand what they are being asked to do.  The activities in these workbooks are engaging and thought provoking.


Included in Brain Quest workbooks, starting with 1st grade, is what they call a “Brain Box”.  It is a little blue box with hints, tips, special rules, and examples, on how to do the work on that page.


My Experience With Brain Quest Workbooks

The first workbook I ever bought was a Mead Preschool workbook from Walmart. My oldest child was 4 and I was still figuring out my homeschooling style.  I figured this would be a good way to start incorporating a variety of educational subjects at her level and I hoped that it would help to inspire my creative genius as her educational guide.

Since then I have purchased many other different brands of workbooks, some by Grade level and some by subject.  A few years ago while my father-in-law was shopping he came across the Pre-K Brain Quest workbook.  He thought one of my kids would like it so he gave it to my 7 year old daughter to bring home.  She asked me if she could have it and finished the entire workbook in only a few days (obviously Pre-K was way below her skill level at age 7).

My daughter then promptly requested that I buy the other Brain Quest workbooks for her to do (Keep in mind this is my child with a Producer/Planner learning personality and Visual:Print is her dominant learning modality (confused? read this)).  I accepted this as her own simple product review.  The next time I bought a workbook I decided to try the Brain Quest brand.  Now we are all hooked!  I love the fold-out posters that I can get laminated at Staples and use for years to come.

What the Trent Kids Say…

Eli says, “Brain Quest workbooks are awesome!  The sections are easy to get through.”

Kyryi says, “I love Brain Quest workbooks they are really fun!  My favorite activity is the crossword puzzles.  I like that the pictures are colorful and that the drawings look like ‘kids’ drawings.”

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