Product Review: Highlights Magazines

Liza Says About Highlights Magazines…

CONTENT: Excellent

PICTURES: Excellent


5 Stars!

I love Highlights magazines!  They have a wide variety of excellent educational material that is fun for kids and useful for parents.


Highlights magazines are pack loaded with excellent content; historical fiction stories, scientific discoveries, crafts, hidden pictures, crosswords, Sudoku, mazes, matching, find the differences, jokes, poems, biographies, and so much more!  They truly live up to their tag line,Fun with a Purpose.

Highlights Magazine Lizas Homeschool Journey

Highlights covers all subjects from science to art to creative writing.  They have magazines and puzzle books dedicated to young children, babies, youth, puzzles, mathematics, the 50 united states, countries of the world, and hidden pictures.

I also appreciate their focus on developing an honest and moral character.  The stories and messages encourage good choices and selfless thinking.  The staff at Highlights has a sincere desire to inspire kids to learn and grow and do right.  This is their mission statement,

“This magazine of wholesome fun is dedicated to helping children grow in basic skills and knowledge, in creativeness, in ability to think and reason, in sensitivity to others, in high ideals and worthy ways of living–for children are the world’s most important people.” 


Colorful.  Detailed.  Creative.  Educational.  Engaging.  The pictures in the Highlights magazines are half of the wonder.  From photographs of real live animals, machines, or authors, to illustrations for stories, geography, and culture.  The people at highlights are doing it right.

Highlights Magazine Liza's Homeschool Journey
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Educational Material

I know I have found something good for my kids when I feel like I will miss out on life if I don’t read it too!  This is how I feel about Highlights magazines.  Their focus is education.  Inside the front cover of one of their magazines in the information column you will see this statement, “Designed for use in the classroom”.  In other words, designed for learning.  For example…

In the July 2014 issue of Highlights for kids ages 6-12, there is an article on how Dr. Frank Fish is creating better windmill blades based on his study of humpback whale fins! (Read more about it here)

In the Which Way USA puzzle books there is a large fold out state map for each of the 50 united states.  Each map includes colorful photos of landmarks and all major roads and cities.  It also has each states’ symbols, facts, history, geography, major cities, and famous people.  So much incredible educational information all from one book.

In one issue of Puzzlemania is a crossword puzzle based solely on instruments.  The world list contains 38 instruments from A-Z.  Including bagpipes, castanet, fiddle, gong, harpsichord, trombone, and ukulele, just to name a few.

My Experience with Highlights Magazines

Highlights was founded in 1946.  I remember reading Highlights magazines in the waiting room of the dentist office when I was a kid.  Back then most of the pictures were black and white and I remember the content being more limited.Highlights Magazines Lizas Homeschool Journey

Years later my kids discovered them at our Pediatrician’s office.  I was a little surprised to see them again, still around and better than I remembered.  I read one to my toddler while we waited to see the doctor and both of us were hooked.  She asked me to read it to her again after we had looked at every single page (which was an amazing thing for her attention span).

On our second read through I pulled out the paper insert that you can send in the mail to order a subscription and stuck it in my purse.  I used the website from the insert to look them up online.  Now we enjoy a lot of different products that Highlights has to offer.  Thank you Highlights!

Trent Kids Say…

Kyryi says, “I think Highlights magazines are awesome!  They have good stories and funny jokes.  My two favorite things that I have learned about are time capsules and how to make a sunshine jar craft.”

Eli says, “Puzzlemania is cool!  I’ve learned how to do a Sudoku puzzle and crossword puzzles.”

Levi says, “I like the stories and the sticker puzzles.”

Lailah says, “They have funny stories.  I also like their short rhymes that are easy to remember.”


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