3 Tips for Creating a Homeschool Schedule

What Schedule Do You Want To Live By?

One of the things I love about homeschool is the freedom to create my own schedule. I love being free from another institution’s dictation of our time. We choose how to use it and what to fill it with. We are free to live by our own beliefs, choices and values instead being expected to live those of some other group or system.

At the same time creating your own schedule can be a daunting task. So here are three tips to help you as you create your own homeschool schedule.

1 – Determine What’s Important to You

What interested me about homeschool in the beginning was the thought of what great things my children and I could do with our time. I wanted to raise my children to be self-reliant and responsible. It was important to me to have regular family time. I looked forward to being able to travel together. We wanted the kind of family life that supported each persons pursuit of their individual dreams. Overall, I imagined the freedom of our schedule allowing us to truly live.  

What is important to you? Take some time to ponder this question. Don’t forget to ask your children this question too. They will have different answers than you because we are all unique individuals. To ensure the success of your homeschool schedule make sure each person’s differences are valued and supported.

2 – Schedule “Me Time”

Do you worry that if you choose to homeschool you will have to give up your “me time”? Have no fear. No one is asking you to give it up. Homeschool is a great reason to not only keep your “me time” but to improve it! There are things in life that drain your energy and others that give you energy. Energy management is a prerequisite to time management. You won’t be able to spend your time doing the things you want if you don’t have the energy, no matter how well you try to manage or balance your time. The very essence of “me time” is energy refill.

“Me time” is self-care. It is giving to yourself so that you have something to give to others. “Me time” is absolutely necessary. The most important person for you to take care of is YOU! Some of the most mundane things in life count as “me time”. Things like taking a shower, eating a well-balanced meal, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, having alone time, spending time with friends and family, making time for God, etc.. Anything that adds to your health and well being is considered as “me time”.

Make sure you include the “me time” in your homeschool schedule that you and your children need. Consider what your time choices are worth. Make sure you are not living according to outside expectations but to the health and benefit of yourself and your family.

3 – Own Your Calendar

Choosing to homeschool is choosing to be in charge of living your own life and training your children to be in charge of living theirs. The dictation of your calendar now belongs to you. What will you fill it with? When will you work, play, learn, and rest? When will you spend time with the people you love?

It is so easy to live by outside expectations and fill your calendar until it bursts with things that aren’t the most important for you. Everyone has unique personalities, interests, gifts, and talents. Don’t waste your life living the way someone else thinks you “should”.

Think about how you want to use your time.





Do you need to sleep in or wake up early? What Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, will you celebrate? When will you take vacations? How will you use the different seasons to your advantage? Just like when you wrote your mission statement, decide what you want to do with your time and then write it down! It will be easier to live by your new homeschool schedule if it’s in your head, in your heart, and on your calendar.  

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