How to Write A Homeschool Mission Statement

Your Reasons Why

Your Mission Statement is your homeschool contract. It is your written agreement to do what you have felt inspired to do. It includes your reasons, your vision, and your conviction. A homeschool mission statement starts with the end in mind. It is a record of your long term goals of growth for yourself, your children, and your family.

What to include in your Homeschool Mission Statement

Your Homeschool Mission Statement should include your personal answers to the following statements.

Homeschool offers my family and I…

We hope to gain ________ from choosing to homeschool.

________ makes homeschool worth while, despite its challenges.

I want to be…

I  want my children to be…

We want our family to be…

It doesn’t have to be lengthy or extremely detailed. Your mission statement can be updated, added to, or rewritten as you go along. Writing a homeschool mission statement puts an end to the fence sitting scenario of thinking about homeschooling. It also prevents you from going back on your choice when challenges arise. Writing a homeschool mission statement  is choosing to homeschool on purpose.

In the beginning your mission statement might simply be writing down what motivated you to homeschool in the first place. Sometimes the vision for your mission statement won’t come until you experience some of the fruits of homeschool. So keep it updated as your vision increases. This will add depth as you go along.

If you struggle with writing a homeschool mission statement on your own I suggest using the Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder (don’t worry it’s free!). It is an excellent guide tool to help you organize your thoughts and get them written down.

What does Homeschool mean to you?

Your Homeschool Mission Statement will be a declaration of what homeschool means to you. I can summarize my homeschool mission statement in 4 words; Learning, Freedom, Relationships, and Culture. These 4 words remind me of who I want to be, who my children can become, and why I do what I do. My actual statement is longer of course than just 4 words, but these words represent my conviction and my purpose.

Homeschool Mission Statement - Liza's Homeschool Journey

What is your purpose? What is your vision? Write it down. Include your children’s thoughts and vision as well. Make it a family matter. Take the time to write a homeschool mission statement. It will strengthen your conviction to homeschool and give your efforts focus and purpose. If you haven’t written a homeschool mission statement, write one today! It will positively affect your homeschooling for years to come.

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