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I like Scholastic workbooks.  They are a good basic resource for early childhood literacy and education.

Subject Content

Scholastic has a plethora of workbooks.  Some are comprehensive workbooks by grade, others are single subject workbooks also by grade.  Basically Scholastic has a workbook for almost every educational subject.  This product review is based solely on their comprehensive workbooks by grade.  

All the Scholastic workbooks by grade include 5 subjects: Math, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Maps.  There are 400 total pages including a table of contents in the front and an answer key in the back.  The content in these 5 subjects is comprehensive and engaging.  For the most part, they cover the basics of what a child should learn within each subject at the appropriate grade level.

IMG_20150324_152801412_HDR Scholastic Workbooks
Excerpt from 1st Grade Scholastic workbook, Addition/Subtraction section

Student Appeal

Scholastic workbooks have colorful attractive pictures for children to enjoy.  Most of the pages have an illustration to go along with the content and the writing is large and clear, easy for kids to see and read.

What I don’t like about these workbooks is that each subject section is an average of 50 pages(!).  This makes the content seem long and drawn out.  There is also no easy visual way to navigate the sections as all the pages are white.  Although the newer workbooks now include 48 stickers which is a nice novelty for kids.

My Experience with Scholastic Workbooks

The first workbook I ever bought was a Mead workbook for Pre-K.  I didn’t really know what material I would need when I started homeschooling my oldest child.  I thought maybe a workbook would provide a good foundational  framework to go by.  The Mead workbook was good, but it was bland.  After we had stumbled our way through it I was still unsure if workbooks were a tool I wanted to continue to use.

I was at Costco one day and saw a pile of Scholastic workbooks on sale.  I took a minute to look through one and was pleased to find that they were a little more engaging than the Mead workbook we had been using.  So I bought one.  I used Scholastic workbooks for the next 3 years.  Scholastic workbooks convinced me that workbooks in general were the right tool for our homeschool journey.

When my oldest child was finishing up her 2nd grade Scholastic workbook, both she and I were ready for her to start cursive writing.  To my surprise the 3rd grade Scholastic workbook didn’t include cursive writing!  (They do have a cursive writing workbook which is a single subject workbook that you can buy apart from the comprehensive workbooks by grade)  So I searched around again for a new brand of workbook.  When I discovered that Brain Quest had a cursive writing section in their 2nd grade workbooks I converted and haven’t gone back.

Trent Kids Say…

Kyryi says, “My favorite part of the Scholastic workbooks was the Reading Comprehension section.  They had good pictures but not very many and the pages weren’t very colorful.  Plus it doesn’t even have a science section!”

Lailah says, “The writing section was really long and hard to get through.”

Eli says, “Some of the games in the math section were fun to do.”


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