Step 5: Easy Readers

Step 5: Reading Easy Readers Together

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In Step 1 your child learned the letters of the alphabet. In Step 2 they learned the sounds the letters make. Next your child learned how to sound out small words in Step 3 . Then in Step 4 they memorized sight words. Now in Step 5 you finally get to open a book, HURRAY!

What Are Easy Readers?

Easy Readers is a term I use for beginner books. It’s a book that is easy for new readers to read. There are many different kinds of easy readers available at your local library or department store. Find some easy readers that you and your child enjoy. Our favorite brands are Brand New Readers and Biscuit Phonics Fun.

Read With Your Child

Find a quiet place to read with your child. Let your child practice sounding out words that are new. Give them a chance to remember the sight words you have worked on together. Ask your child to point to the words they read while you hold the book. This will help them to focus on one word at a time (it is also a good way to apply touch to the visual and auditory experience of reading).

Easy Readers - Lizas Homeschool Journey

Hint: At first your child may only get through a few pages before they are ready to be done. But if you work with them diligently, day by day, they will eventually be able to read more during your time together.

Continue to read with your child until they can confidently read on their own; your presence, your help, and your expectations will be the the magic that creates the miracle.


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