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    9 Factors That Affect Your Child’s Motivation

    In my post How To Influence Your Child’s Motivation For Learning I explained the cycle of motivation, and how understanding some simple steps can help you help your child get motivated and stay motivated. There are times when our homeschooled children get frustrated, discouraged, and lose interest in learning. When this happens it usually results in a power struggle between parent and child. A battle ensues resulting in either one or both of us giving up. The good news is that this battle doesn’t even have to happen! There is something you can do to save your child’s motivation before they get discouraged and want to quit. There are 9 influential factors that determine whether…

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    “How” is My Child Smart?

    There Are Many Ways to Learn and Be Smart There is an important difference between the question “Is my child smart?” and “How is my child smart?”. The question, “Is my child smart?” is really asking, “Is my child capable of learning?“. If the answer to this question is “yes” than the question we should be asking is “How does my child learn?”. There are many ways to learn and be smart. How a child learns is a combination of their learning modality, learning personality, and intelligences. Their motivation for learning stems from their personal interests, talents, and skills. All these things make up who they are and how they learn. A Learning Modality…

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    How To Influence Your Child’s Motivation

    Motivation is the Secret to Successful Homeschooling. Have you ever found yourself in a power struggle with your child? Ever hear your kids say, “I’m bored”, “this isn’t fun”, or “I don’t want to…“? Understanding the principles of motivation will help you, and your child, get what you both want without either one of you having to give up, or give in.   The following chart shows the cycle of motivation. This chart was designed by my husband Ken Trent based on his masters degree research. He discovered this pattern of motivation in the people that he interviewed. The principles of motivation can be applied in any aspect of life. I…