About Liza

About Liza

Welcome to my homeschool journey! I am Liza. I am a homeschool mother of 6 children. My journey began in 2008, when my oldest child was 3.

About Liza - Liza's Homeschool Journey

What I like about being part of a homeschool family is the freedom we have to live life according to our own visionMy belief is that anyone can homeschool. I wasn’t  born specially tailored to parenting or homeschooling. Just like everyone else I have had to learn and develop the same basic skills of patience, communication, work, responsibility, self-care, learning, teaching, organization, etc.. I considered homeschool because I naturally felt that…

There are things I want my children to do/be part of that other schooling options don’t offer.

I love my children and want to give them the best.

I am not satisfied with and/or can’t afford the other schooling options.

We live in the age of technology and have easy access to the information we need right in our own home.

I know my children better than anyone else does.

I love learning and want to continue to learn, and instill that love in my children.

About LIza - Liza's Homeschool Journey

Do I feel qualified or confident that I have all the right skills? No. Nevertheless, I move forward and get my questions answered and discover that I can grow and learn one step at a time. I share my insights and experiences on this website to inspire you to feel that you can homeschool too. I frequently get asked questions about how and why I homeschool; the science and the motivation. My purpose for this blog is to answer those questions and more.

I believe that this age of information has the potential to transform into the age of wisdom. An age when people use knowledge and information with purpose and principles. I believe homeschool is a part of this transformation. Those who choose homeschool today are changing the future of our world. The age of wisdom will put the choice of what our children learn, and who they become, in their hands. Self-reliance, love of learning, confidence, and fulfilled potential can be the new standard.

About My Way and Style

Everyone has their own homeschooling style, which is different than the way that you homeschool. I am an Eclectic homeschooler. Eclectic is the way that I homeschool. My style incorporates the needs of my family, our personalities, our interests, our goals in life, where we live, how much we can afford, and our religious beliefs. The way we homeschool and our style shape how we homeschool. My style is heavily influenced by my belief in the powerful influence of a good home.

About LIza - Liza's Homeschool Journey

I understand that my way of homeschooling and my style may not be the same as yours. My hope is that you will feel inspired to find your own way and style as you read through my posts and the information I present on this website.

About My Story

I am a high school graduate. I attended a public school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. My father was a high school math teacher and my mother drove a school bus. I made the most of an average schooling experience and graduated Valedictorian of my senior class. But, when it came time for me to consider the education and life style of my children, I knew I wanted to give them something different. I wanted to give them something more than what public school and its life style could offer. I knew I wanted more.

A few of my friends were also considering homeschool for their children and we had some good discussions about it. I knew it was the right path for us so I did some research on homeschooling and found homeschool.com. Most of my initial questions were answered by this exceptional website, questions like…

“Is Homeschooling legal?”

“How much does Homeschooling cost?”

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of Homeschooling?”

“What about socialization?”

“Will colleges accept my children if they homeschool?”

“Will my children be able to succeed in the ‘real world’ if they homeschool?”

At the time the website was advertising a book written by the founder, Rebecca Kochenderfer, called “Homechooling and Loving it!” so I decided to purchase it. Reading this book gave me confidence. It empowered me to create a vision of what I could do and then move forward and turn my vision into reality. About Liza - Liza's Homeschool Journey

In 2008 I began homeschooling and little did I know how important homeschool would be for me. Over the years I have developed in ways that I never would have if I had given the responsibility of educating my children to someone else. I have developed greater patience and set higher personal goals for myself. And best of all, I have relationships with my children that are priceless. Even when I have hard days, giving up homeschool is never an option for me because the rewards for my children, my family, and myself are irreplaceable. I love homeschool.


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