New To Homeschool

Welcome To My Homeschool Site

Being new to homeschool can be daunting! Either you are still deciding if you want to homeschool and have lots of questions, or you already know that you want to homeschool and you are looking for some clear steps on how to start. Whatever your status is you have come to the right place. Click on one of the links below to find information on what you are looking for.


Visit my Frequently Asked Questions page and get answers to your looming questions about homeschool.

Getting Started

Follow these 5 steps to start homeschooling now. They apply to anyone beginning with homeschool, transitioning to homeschool, or homeschooling temporarily.


Find answers to your questions about teaching. I cover the when, what, and how of homeschool teaching.


Discover ways you can improve your relationship with your kids. Learn what you can do to make having them home all day a blessing instead of a burden.