Homeschool FAQ

My Homeschool FAQ

These are the questions I frequently get asked about Homeschool. If you have a question about homeschool that is not already on this list please ask it in the comments and I will do my best to answer it for you.

Is Homeschooling Legal?

Yes.  In all 50 United States.

Does Homeschool make your kids socially awkward?

No. Lack of good social skills makes a person socially awkward.

Do you have to be a certified teacher to homeschool your kids?

No. But you will need to meet your State’s required qualifications to homeschool.

Will I still get any “me time” if I homeschool?

Yes of course. The only difference is when and how you make sure it happens. Trust me you will need it!

How do I homeschool if I am a single parent/working parent?

*Simplify and Delegate. It can be done.

How do you homeschool multiple children, all different ages?

I have a few different methods to use for different ages to make it work out for everybody. Check out my teaching methods to find one that will work for you.

Do homeschoolers vaccinate their kids?

Some do. Some don’t. It depends on what the immunization law is in your state and what you decide is best.

How do you homeschool with a baby?

*Simplify and Delegate.  It can be done.

How do you homeschool with a toddler?

I like to use a homeschool box.

What curriculum do you use?

Whatever I can find that is an excellent resource for the subject we are learning, including the interest and learning style of my child. Check out my curriculum and product reviews for suggestions on excellent curriculum material.

Is homeschool for everybody?

Yes and No. I believe that anyone can homeschool, but homeschool works best for people who really want it with all of it’s responsibilities and benefits.

How do you handle being around your kids all day long?

It requires that I improve my patience, self-care, and listening skills.

What qualifications do you need in order to homeschool?

It depends on what your State requires.

Do you have to get your kids tested?

That depends on your State’s requirements for testing.

How do you run a home and homeschool at the same time?

*Simplify and Delegate.  It can be done.

Do you have to follow the public school schedule?


Do you have to let the school district know that you are going to homeschool?

Yes, but how you notify them depends on your child’s age and school enrollment when you decide to homeschool. Check your State’s Laws to find out what they require.

How do you teach your kids something you don’t know very well or never learned at all?

You learn it with them, or you find someone who can teach them and pay for the service or curriculum.

Do you have to be patient and organized in order to homeschool?

Yes. But you don’t have to have these qualities in order to start. Patience and organization are learned along the way.

How is homeschool better for my child than other educational institutions?

The freedom of homeschool allows your child the time and space to discover who they are and what they love, and build their life accordingly. It also develops stronger family bonds. Children are more prepared for real life and become responsible and self-motivated.

Do colleges accept homeschoolers?


How many hours a day do homeschoolers do school work?

2-4 hours on average of sit-down focused work and 24/7 of learning.

Can anybody homeschool?

Yes. If you love your kids and you are capable of learning you can homeschool.

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